Cheri Wicks & Arthur Aulisi

Cheri Wicks in the role of Marion Hemmerich - this show closed after opening night on March 13th due to Covid-19 

Sarah Young & Cheri Wicks 

Cheri Wicks, Arthur Aulisi, Sarah Young & Thursday Farrar

Cheri Wicks, Derrick Delgado & Sarah Young 

Photos by Basil Rodericks - Face It Foto

"...the true standouts for Trifles have to be its two leads. Cheri Wicks' and Mel House‚Äôs interpretation of what, on paper, may read as very straightforward is breathtaking. In particular, Wicks unearths a depth of emotion that makes the entire hour-long production worth seeing. Hers is a rare and disquieting talent." 

by Charlotte Arnoux for Theater if Easy 

Photos by Basil Rodericks - Face It Foto

Mel House & Cheri Wicks

Mel House & Cheri Wicks

 Chris Harcum Mel House, Cheri Wicks & Arthur Aulisi

February 15 - March 5, 2017     AEA Approved Showcase

Cheri Wicks in the roles of Mrs. Hale in Trifles & The Woman from Idaho The People. 

KING LEAR - October 18, 2012 - November, 4, 2012 graphics by Samantha Hewitt  - photos by Kyle Connolly

John Graham, Stephen Hanan & Cheri Wicks

Cheri Wicks & Stephen Hanan

Ross Hewitt, Montgomery Sutton & Cheri Wicks

Montgomery Sutton & Cheri Wicks

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Photo by Basil Rodericks - Face It Foto

Cheri Wicks - Actress  AEA/SAG-AFTRA